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I'm Juan Davis, nice to meet you! Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm a jack of all trades that has played a lot of different roles on a number of different projects. I started my career as a video editor and have 17 years of experience in video editing, motion graphics, sound design and composition. I'm an Air Force veteran, former college professor, film festival director, award winning producer and filmmaker.

I recently served as a producer for Google Developer Studio, where I spearheaded diverse content for Google's community programs, encompassing a wide range of content, from inspiring narratives to marketing campaigns. Notably, in 2022, I received a Honoree Webby Award distinction for Diversity & Inclusion in Media, PR and Advertising for my #IamaGDE series, highlighting the impactful contributions of Google Developer Experts within their local communities.


Independent filmmaker with over 30 festival screenings worldwide, my work has garnered acclaim, including acceptance into events like the Hollywood Black Film Festival and SF Indie Fest. "Rebel Child," one of my most successful films, was selected by 17 festivals.

I'm also the current director for the Afro ComicCon Film FestivalA film festival that includes Afrofuturistic motion pictures with a mission to showcase underrepresented filmmakers in the industry. 

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